Blue Eye, known in Albanian as Syri i Kaltër, is located on the road between the cities of Saranda, on the Ionian Sea, and Gjirokastër

The “Blue Eye”, is a water spring with blue water that bubbles from a stunning and more than fifty-meter-deep pool. It’s not known its deep but Divers who tried to reach the bottom because of the pressure of the water have managed to go round 50 meters’ deep

Because of its oval shaped form and of the water, which is coming out of the earth, deep blue in the center and light blue at the sides, the spring looks like a human eye, but there are many legends told about Blue Eye. On of them that the spring was named by an engineer in a hydro-power station, as it reminded him of the blue eyes of his beloved. An ancient legend tells that the waters sprung to the earth from a dragon that was burned by a clever peasant who had fed it a mule loaded with touchwood and cinder. Another story says that in October 2002 the spring dried up, all of a sudden, and turned into a blind eye of white color. This happened when some Italian representatives came to Saranda to talk about the possibilities to exploit the underground water of Blue Eye. Many people believed that divine powers were involved and that this was a sort of punishment against those who wanted to bargain with Blue Eye.