Origin of the city

Kruja is a town in North Centra Albania. It’s located only 36 km from Tirana. The name of the city derives from the Albanian word “krua” ( spring), cause this distict is well known for the large number of springs.

Kruja has been an Illyrian settlement since 3rd century BC.  Based on the objects of a cemetery of the VI-VII century, the habitants of Albanopolis (origin of name Albania), abandoned this city and found a more protected place in Kruja.

Kruja has been the center of Byzantine governors since the end of 12th century. Kruja was also the center of Albanian feudal state, Principality of Arber.

Kruja took its importance related of the activity of Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu. Skenderbeu, during 15th century. He made the city a bastion of uncompromising resistance against the Ottomans.

Kruja now is the city that house on of the biggest museum in Albania. The museum was inaugurated in 1981. Within the walls of the castle are also the Ethnographic Museum and Dollma Tekke.

Near the castle is the Old traditional baazar which dates back to the period of Skandebeg.  

Kruja can be called a representative city of Albania. You can find in it the elements that represent the story of Albanians under the leadership of Skanderbeg and the first settlement of Albanians tribe.