Llogara Pass is the road that connects Orikum with Dhermi. The spectacular winding road climbs up to 1,027 m overlooking the Ionian coast of the Albanian Riviera. This is the highest point on the main coastal road between Vlora and Sarande. The first road on the Llogara Pass was built in 1920
The Llogara pass is immersed in the middle of the Çika mountain range, which is part of the Llogara National Park.

Cika Mountain

The Çika mountain range starts in the Karaburun peninsula and, as it runs south, it gets higher and higher. The highest peak Çika reaches it at 2,044 meters above sea level which is located a little south of the Llogara Pass. This mountain range runs almost the entire length of the Ionian coast to the city of Sarande.

The Passage of Llogara divides the mountains into a western and an eastern chain. The western chain is also known as the Acroceraunian Mountains. In some places the mountains fall directly to the sea.
Looking down from the pass you can admire the white beaches of the Ionian Sea and the village of Dhermi. This part of the country is known for the best climate in all of Albania.

Beaches, Churches, Activity

Palase beach is the first beach, south of the Passo della Llogara. The 1.5 km long beach is used as a landing place for divers, parachuting from the pass.
This part of the region is characterized by traditional Mediterranean villages, as well as various historical castles and Orthodox churches. The scenery varies between mountain passes, white beaches, hidden caves, marine fauna and citrus groves and olive groves.


The Llogara national park, located about 30 km south-east of Vlora. The area was declared a national park in 1966. The park area can be used for hiking and as an alpine refuge, but also for alpine holidays in the localities of the area.
The 1,010 hectare area is covered by a luxuriant plant life and considered a classic place where there is a natural balance between the world of animals and plants.

The park is known for its vibrant flora and fauna with over 100 different types of wild animals and birds including: deer, wild cats, foxes, etc. The mixture of fresh mountain air at high altitude and proximity to the sea makes it a very attractive destination.
Visitors to the Llogara National Park have the opportunity to see trees with a wonderful shape, formed by drafts, or to admire splendid views of the Ionian Sea.