Travel Packages With Jeep

Jeep Tour in North Albania

Experience the fresh air of North Albania meanwhile you drive the Alps from Theth to Valbone along the boat Tour to Koman Lake. Along this tour challenge yourself to visit one of the best national parks of Albania. Travel across high passes and through Alpine meadows. Recharge yourself at night with delicious mountain cuisine and bio foods.

Jeep Tour at Tomorri Mount

Off Road in Mount Tomorr the second highest peak in Albania. Have the chance to enjoy the extraordinary sights. It has a deeper and spiritual significance as it is so close to god

Jeep Tour South Albania and Riviera

Discover the culture, the history and the hospitality of South Albania. Of course the variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, old towns, beautiful beaches, dramatic mountains and the Albanian Riviera

Jeep Tour at Holta Canyon

Holta Canyon created by the erosion of the river Holta. valley slopes of 100-150 meters and with crystalline waters of depths of around 3 meters. Karst caves created by limestone rocks, stalactites and stalagmites of rare beauty can be found there.